Policy Information


Our policy states that you must not bring your child if they have an infectious illness or have been sick or had diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. This also applies to a child with untreated headlice. We appreciate being informed of any contagious illness your child has so that we can advise other parents as necessary. If in any doubt please contact the Senior Practitioner or the Chairperson who can advise you.


Children must be registered for the days they will be attending, at the beginning of term. If you wish to make changes to the days your child attends please inform the Pre-School before the end of the previous term.

Children unable to attend a session for which they are government funded must supply the Pre-School with an absence note. Some suitable slips are provided at the back of this booklet.
You will be charged for the hours and sessions you have registered for. If your child is unable to attend you will not be able to substitute another session. If you wish to attend an extra session you will need to make a request before the end of the previous week. This will be accommodated if staffing levels are adequate and the activities planned are flexible.


Where children attend another setting we will try to share information about their strengths and preferences to help with transitions and to provide continuity. This will be in the form of a personal news sheet to be passed between providers by the parent/carer. Please help by letting us know if he/she attends another setting.


we will need to ask for your consent before we are able to take photographs of your child during their time at Aveton Gifford Pre-school. Generally photographs are a source of pleasure and pride. We believe that the taking and use of photographs can enhance the self-esteem of children and their families and therefore is something to be welcomed and appreciated.

We may take photographs for a number of reasons whilst your child is with us, including to:

• document what they enjoy doing
• record their learning and development progress
• display in learning journeys and/or document panels
• record special events and achievements.

We will also encourage children to be active learners, and to become involved in using cameras themselves by taking photos of their surroundings, activities and of each other.

We do however recognise that with the increase use of technologies, particularly digitally and online, the potential for misuse has become greater and we understand that this can give rise to concern. We will therefore endeavour to put effective safeguards in place to protect children and young people by minimising risk. We will seek to protect children’s identity and to limit opportunities for the taking, making and distribution of inappropriate images.
We have a Camera and Image Policy in place titled “E-safety Policy”, which you are welcome to view or take a copy of at any time.

We are mindful of the fact that for some families, there may be reasons why protecting a child’s identity is a matter of particular anxiety, and if you have special circumstances either now, or at any time in the future which would affect or change you position regarding consent, please let us know immediately, preferably in writing.

If your child is old enough to express their own view, you may want to consult with them about categories of consent, and we invite you to use this letter to explore their feelings about being photographed at our early years setting.


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