Preparing for Pre-School


Please ensure that your child arrives in easy to wear clothes with long hair tied back, and that a little bit of paint or glue won’t matter.  We hope your child will be proud to wear an Aveton Gifford sweat shirt or polo shirt, although this is optional – an order form is available.

A coat should be provided for outdoor play and a sun hat in the summer. When wet, wellies are advised – these can either be brought to the session or kept at pre-school. Indoor shoes or slippers are also useful. Please make sure all items of shoes and clothing are named.

Children still in nappies must be provided with spare nappies, wipes, disposable bags and a spare set of clothes. Nappies must be taken home for disposal as we have no special collection service.

It is a requirement of the EYFS that children have free access to drinking water at all times during the session.  We do this by providing a water jug and cups where children are able to help themselves.  We have noticed that this is sometimes proving difficult for the younger children and to help them we are asking if you could please bring a named suitable drinking container from home that your child is familiar with.  This can either be brought in at each session or kept in our pre-school kitchen.

Do not bring any sweets to Pre-School.  It is helpful if all of the child’s own toys are left at home in case they get lost or broken.  They can also cause a great many arguments.  If, however, your child has a particular ‘comforter’, it may be brought to Pre-School where it can be placed in a special ‘treasure chest’.  This serves the dual aim of encouraging independence whilst simultaneously having their emotional support close at hand if needed.


Our policy states that you must not bring your child if they have an infectious illness or have been sick or had diarrhoea in the last 48 hours.  This also applies to a child with untreated head lice.  We appreciate being informed of any contagious illness your child has so that we can advise other parents as necessary.  If in any doubt please contact the Senior Practitioner or the Chairperson who can advise you.

If your child is absent for any other reason you must inform the Pre-school the reason why. The Pre-school staff have an obligation to make sure all the children are safe under our Safeguarding duty. (see Safeguarding Policy).



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