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5th Sept 2018 Autumn Term

Aveton Gifford Pre-school at The Hive

Hi All

Welcome back all of you who have been off having fun in the Summer holidays and a warm welcome to all of those of you who are starting at Pre-school for the first time.

We are starting back with a lovely bright clean Hive with a newly varnished floor and thank you very much to those who helped to wash some toys at the end of last term. We now have a new sand pit which as been built over the holidays – just waiting for the sand to be delivered!

Our garden has continued to grow while we have been away and now the apple trees are covered in fruit, the pumpkins are round and plump and the turnips are popping up above the soil . The tomatoes and cucumbers are over now as are the sunflowers but we still have some nasturtiums and sweet peas.

The Car Show on Bank Holiday Monday was a fab day with at least a thousand visitors and we made £1084 on our Grand Draw and Silent Auction, which will boost our funds considerably. Thank you to everyone who either bought or sold tickets, donated prizes or helped on the day.

Gates into Pre-school

The access to The Hive is through the Primary School grounds off Fore Street. Follow the yellow Hive signs through the school until you come to a security coded wooden gate which then leads to a small wooden gate through to The Hive.

The Primary School has a need to ensure the security is fail safe. So we have a new procedure as follows:-

When coming through the security coded wooden gate between the hours of 9.15 and 3.15 please make sure you shut it behind you. When you need to return through from the Pre-school side, a member of Pre-school staff will see you through. In theory this should apply to 12.00 and 1.00 drop off and pick ups.

In addition the silver gates through Pulley's Close will be locked during school hours.

If you have any problem with these arrangements then speak to Mandy and we will try to solve it. It will be a learning curve to start with and we are working together with the Primary School to try to find the best solution for everyone.

The Hive Book Library

Our new book library that we started last Summer has proved to be very popular with the children and parents. We are so pleased that the children are keen to take books to enjoy sharing them with you at home.

However it has been apparent that they are getting tatty very quickly. Therefore we would appreciate it if you could only borrow them by transporting in a book bag. We have some book bags for sale at cost price – yellow book bags - £3.90 or a cheaper option of plastic zip bags £1.85 .

Uniform tops

Uniform is optional but it does help with knowing what to wear on Pre-school days and saves their best clothes. The children often feel proud to be wearing their Pre-school tops.

We have yellow “The Hive” short sleeved tops £8.50 ,

navy blue “Aveton Gifford Pre-” short sleeved tops £5 (sale price)

and Navy blue Aveton Gifford Pre-school Sweatshirts £11.00

Packed Lunch

To encourage independence we will now not be imposing rules about the order in which children eat their food, so don't put in anything that you don't mind them eating first.

We recommend that the children have a nutritious packed lunch which will provide for an active day at Pre-school. A variety of healthy items always go down well such as small wholemeal sandwiches, pasta, salads, low salt crisps, cheese, yogurts, fruit.

We do not recommend high sugar foods such as chocolate, cakes, and biscuits.

We do not allow sweets at lunch time.

Please cut grapes in half, length wise as these are identified as a choking risk.

There are no anaphylactic allergies at present so there is no restrictions on items such as nuts.

Name labels

Its always a good idea to name clothes, coats, hats, shoes, drinks bottles, lunch boxes etc.

If you would like to, you can order name labels from . By quoting 99107 20{d636971cbccc96bb4f27754b70f475f09dd4f85e541c0076e29aef8ae4ef6d1a} of the order value will go towards our Pre-school funds.

Easy Fundraising

If you shop on line why not register with and enter Aveton Gifford Pre-school as your chosen charity. Its very easy to do and once you have set it up, many sites will automatically donate to our Pre-school without any effort from you. The more we raise the more we can do to keep providing quality learning experiences for your children.

Pre-School Photos

On Monday 1st Oct and Tues 2nd Oct we have a photographer coming to do portrait photos of the children. More info nearer the time but put the dates in your diary if you are interested.


The theme for this term is Water.

A plan sheet will be emailed this week and paper copies available too.

In the meantime, if you have any photos of the children by some water during the Summer holidays please send them in for them to make a frame for a display ( e mail or print). Such as at the beach, river, swimming pool or anything else by some water.


If you would like to get more involved and make new friends we will be having an Annual General Meeting soon. We will let you know the date in the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to a really fun term,

Mandy and the team.


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