Preparing for Pre-School



Please ensure that your child arrives in easy to wear clothes with long hair tied back, and that a little bit of paint or glue won’t matter.  We hope your child will be proud to wear an Aveton Gifford sweat shirt or polo shirt, although this is optional – an order form is available.

A coat should be provided for outdoor play and a sun hat in the summer. When wet, wellies are advised – these can either be brought to the session or kept at pre-school. Indoor shoes or slippers are also useful. Please make sure all items of shoes and clothing are named.

Children still in nappies must be provided with spare nappies, wipes, disposable bags and a spare set of clothes. Nappies must be taken home for disposal as we have no special collection service.

It is a requirement of the EYFS that children have free access to drinking water at all times during the session.  We do this by providing a water jug and cups where children are able to help themselves.  We have noticed that this is sometimes proving difficult for the younger children and to help them we are asking if you could please bring a named suitable drinking container from home that your child is familiar with.  This can either be brought in at each session or kept in our pre-school kitchen.

Do not bring any sweets to Pre-School.  It is helpful if all of the child’s own toys are left at home in case they get lost or broken.  They can also cause a great many arguments.  If, however, your child has a particular ‘comforter’, it may be brought to Pre-School where it can be placed in a special ‘treasure chest’.  This serves the dual aim of encouraging independence whilst simultaneously having their emotional support close at hand if needed.


Our aim is to provide a calm and stimulating environment for children to develop within our Foundation Stage setting and to provide support for all families within the community.

The pre-school has a unique ethos which has historically continued to be flexible, supportive and understanding towards the situations of families within the community, in an attempt to enable every family to be able to attend. All children and their families are welcomed, valued and encouraged to contribute. Differences are celebrated and individuals are invited to share special interests to be promoted in an inclusive environment. Each child’s abilities are nurtured and every endeavour is made to meet individual needs.


Aveton Gifford Pre-School welcomes any children aged 21/2 -5 years. Places for children under 3 years are currently limited at each session in accordance with the higher staff ratio required. In the case of a waiting list, priority will be given to those who live in the Primary School Catchment area. See our Admissions Policy for further details.

Please note that Aveton Gifford Pre-school is independent and not under the umbrella of the Primary School . Children who attend the Pre-school are not automatically entitled to a place at the Primary School.

The Pre-School is accessed from the Primary School entrance in Fore Street following the footpath and steps to ‘The Hive’. There is plenty of parking in the village close to the village shop, opposite. If you need to avoid the steps, then it is possible to walk along the footpath up Church Lane and into Pulley’s Close.

In special circumstances, such as if you have a disability, staff can make arrangements for you to access The Hive car park. Please do not otherwise use this rear entrance as it is a strict regulation in our planning consent.

The Pre-School day begins at 9.00 am and finishes at 3.30 pm.  Please arrive on time and wait outside (under the covered


entrance) until a member of staff greets you at the door at the beginning and end of sessions. Parents/ carers are welcome to come into pre-school and may stay with their child if he/she is not yet settled when they first start Pre-School.

Remember to sign your child in to each session on the daily registration sheet. If someone other than the parents named on the registration sheet will be collecting your child, the Senior Practitioner must be informed at the beginning of the session.  In the case of unexpected delay in fetching you child, please telephone the Pre-School.

Please inform the Senior Practitioner of any changes in circumstances, such as change of telephone number or address, but particularly if a change affects who should or should not collect your child.


Our policy states that you must not bring your child if they have an infectious illness or have been sick or had diarrhoea in the last 48 hours.  This also applies to a child with untreated head lice.  We appreciate being informed of any contagious illness your child has so that we can advise other parents as necessary.  If in any doubt please contact the Senior Practitioner or the Chairperson who can advise you.

If your child is absent for any other reason you must inform the Pre-school the reason why. The Pre-school staff have an obligation to make sure all the children are safe under our Safeguarding duty. (see Safeguarding Policy).


Our key structure of education is ‘Learning Through Play’.  You will receive a plan of our activities each half term.  Please read this

through carefully as there will be weeks when the children are asked to bring items in or outings where they might need suitable clothing.  If you have any special items at home which could be of interest to our theme, please bring them in or talk to the staff?  You might like to continue themes at home with extra activities or visits.

If you or your child has any particular interests please talk to your key worker as we like to incorporate the children’s interests in our curriculum planning.

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage: “Each area of learning and development must be implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity. Play is essential for children’s

development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults. Practitioners must respond to each child’s emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm, positive interaction.”


Children staying for lunch must be provided with a packed lunch. The lunch should be a healthy selection of items for young

Lunch Trolly

children, preferably low in salt and sugar. Sweets and chocolate are not permitted at pre-school, however one biscuit or cake with a small covering of chocolate to eat at the end of lunch is acceptable. All lunch boxes and drinks must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. We recommend that lunch boxes contain an ice pack to keep meat and dairy items cold, as they will not be stored in a refrigerator.


Children must be registered for the days they will be attending, at the beginning of term.

Once sessions have been allocated to your child these will be protected for you throughout your time at pre-school.

If parents would like to make any changes in the next term – either to the days they attend or by increasing sessions, then parents must make a request on the form sent out 2 weeks  before the end of the previous half term. This will be sent by e mail and a hard copy form will be made available.


Session places will then be allocated by priority. See Pre-school Sessions and Fees Policy

You will be informed of the decision a week later of your request being made.

You will be charged for the hours and sessions you have registered for. If your child is unable to attend you will not be able to substitute another session. If you wish to attend an extra session on a particular week, you will need to make a request before the end of the previous week. This will be accommodated if staffing levels are adequate and the activities planned are flexible


Where children attend another setting we will try to share information about their strengths and preferences to help with

transitions and to provide continuity. This will be in the form of our personal news sheet to be passed between providers by the parent/carer. Please help by letting us know if he/she attends another setting. We can also set up a home/school notebook to share information if someone other than yourself regularly drops off or picks up your child. Please let us know if you think this would be helpful.


The Pre-School is managed by a voluntary committee which is made up primarily of parents of children attending the Pre-School and Toddler Group.  The committee is responsible for managing matters such as staffing, finance, fundraising and outings.  New members are always welcome, please speak to the Chairperson or any of the committee members if you would like to join us.  Meetings are usually held about 6 times a year at a mutually convenient time and place.  If you are unable to join you can help in many other ways, volunteers for fundraising events are always greatly appreciated!

Pre-school Library

We have an information folder which is kept at the Pre-School. This will also be emailed to you when your child starts attending the pre-school.  Please take it home to read through when your child starts with us, and return it when you have read it.  It includes our constitution and policies on special needs, equal opportunities, discipline, complaints, admissions, safety, health and staffing.  There is a book to sign to say you have read and understood it.  It also includes the most recent Ofsted inspection report. Copies of policies are also available on request at any time.


We endeavour to foster a two-way flow of communication between staff and parents or carers of the children.  This is partly helped by the fact that the management committee is made up of volunteer parents.

As an organisation we encourage both positive and negative feedback.  We monitor the quality of our provision by regularly evaluating our practice and procedures. Often, following training, we look at areas which could be improved and draw up an action plan.

In addition a parent satisfaction questionnaire is sent out yearly which gives parents and carers the opportunity to express their views anonymously. From this we can assess whether the pre-school is meeting your needs and how we can help to improve the service.

If you have any suggestions or a complaint please either speak to the Chairperson or a member of staff or you may put your points in writing.  Whilst we would prefer to try to rectify any shortcomings ourselves and to be aware of anything you are unhappy with, you may complain directly to OFSTED if you wish by telephoning 0300 123 1231

When a complaint is made, however large or small, it is taken seriously and used to help us with ways to improve.  In accordance with OFSTED regulations all complaints we receive will be entered into our complaints file anonymously, by recording the nature of the complaint, how it will be addressed, when and by whom.  The response will be fed back to the source within 28 days.    Please also see our Complaints Policy in the Policy and Procedures file which is available for parents and carers to read or borrow.



We want all children to have a happy time while at Pre-school.  If you have any concerns big or small, then speak to Mandy or your child’s key worker at the beginning of a session.  If the worry is something you wish to speak about in private then this can be arranged – if not straight away, then as soon as possible.  We are here to help.  If you have any concern about another child please speak to Mandy or the Chairperson without speaking to anyone else.