Sessions and Funding


From the term following their third birthday, a child can claim up to 15 hours of government funding per week for childcare and education. This funding is accessed directly through the pre-school.

Some children may be eligible for an additional 15 hours funding (30 hours total).The general criteria is that both or the sole parent are working at least 16 hours at a rate of the minimum wage. See for further guidance and how to apply.

Fun in a Box

There is some funding available for 2 year olds under a national scheme 2gether. This offers funded childcare places for two year olds living in households with low incomes, receive certain benefits, or if your child has a disability, special educational need or if they are adopted or placed under a residency order. It is designed to improve your child’s learning, and support you to be able to get training or a job. If you think you might qualify, the pre-school can provide more information. Or call 0345 155 1013 or visit Funded childcare for 2-year-olds - Education and Families

If your child has been eligible for 2 year old funding funding and had moved onto 3 / 4 year funding they may be able to apply for Pupil Premium Funding. This is a small grant paid to the pre-school to spend in any way that will specifically help your child in some area of their development. See the Pre-school staff about how to apply.

The funding can be spread across Pre-school sessions, Breakfast and Lunch clubs. It can also be shared between two pre-school settings.

If you wish to discuss how your children can take advantage of this funding or any other financial implications, please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the Pre-school staff.

Aveton Gifford Preschool currently offers the following sessions:

Morning session    9-12 midday (Monday  to Friday)

Lunch Club              12-1pm (Monday  to Friday)

Afternoon                 1-3.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Note :- Monday morning sessions 9-12 are “Outdoor School”

This is outdoors what ever the weather and makes use of our natural spaces throughout the village . It is most suitable for children who can manage their own self care.

  • Thursday afternoon sessions 1-3.30 are “Step-Up Sessions”

This is suitable for children going to school the following Sept and is designed to encourage readiness for school.

Fees for unfunded places or hours in excess of funding, are currently

£4.00 per hour