Starting at Pre-School


Dressing Up

Aveton Gifford Pre-School welcomes any children aged 2 and a half  to 5 years. Places for children under 3 years are currently limited at each session in accordance with the higher staff ratio required. In the case of a waiting list, priority will be given to those who live in the Primary School Catchment area. See our Admissions Policy for further details.

The Pre-School is accessed from the Primary School entrance in Fore Street following the footpath and steps to ‘The Hive’. There is plenty of parking in the village close to the village shop, opposite. If however you need to avoid the steps, then it is possible to walk along the footpath up Church Lane and into Pulley’s Close.

In special circumstances, such as if you have a disability, staff can make arrangements for you to access The Hive car park. Please do not otherwise use this rear entrance as it is a strict regulation in our planning consent.

The Pre-School day begins at 9.00 am and finishes at 3.30 pm. Please arrive on time and wait outside

Gluing and Sticking

(under the covered entrance) until a member of staff greets you at the door at the beginning and end of sessions.

Parents and carers are welcome to come into pre-school and may stay with their child if they are not yet settled when they first start Pre-School. Remember to sign your child in to each session on the daily registration sheet.

If someone other than the parents who named on the registration sheet will be collecting your child, the Senior Practitioner must be informed at the beginning of the session. In the case of unexpected delay in fetching you child, please telephone the Pre-School.

Please inform the Senior Practitioner of any changes in circumstances, such as change of telephone number or address but particularly if a change affects who should or should not collect your child.