Toddler Group

Toddler group takes place on a Monday morning from 9am till 11am.

We have free play throughout the session as well as a craft activity for the children to get stuck into and get a bit messy.

At 10am we have snack time

10:45 music comes on for tidy up time

10:50 group song time

11am home time

Toddler group costs £2 for an adult and child and an additional 50p and any extra children over the age on 1 years old. This is to help cover the cost of snack.

Teas and coffee along with biscuits and offered to adults and children get a range of fruit, cracks and the choice of milk or water at snack time.

In the summer we like to organise a toddler beach trip where we invite all pre-school and toddler families to meet us there and have a nice relaxing, fun time down at the beach all together. This is a good opportunities for new families to meet all the staff.

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